Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Imaginary Friends

Imaginary Friends GN #1-1ST
  A ragtag bunch of characters with special powers is called together to save all of reality from being destroyed. This kinda sounds like your typical Justice League or Avengers tale. Only these characters are all imaginary and their powers are so strange (Miss Capicola has the ability to manifest meat whereas JoJo the Clown can make anything out of balloons), they wouldn't qualify as members of the Legion of Substitute Heroes. 

   I know this all sounds bizarre but it actually works. This imaginative tale takes something that we can all relate to- the imaginary friend- and it spins the concept on its ear. With adventures that will take you from the depths of the Boogey Man's house all the way to a Santa's Land beyond your wildest dreams or in this case, nightmares, everything you think you know about beings of dream and fantasy is actually worse than you can imagine. 

   The art was a little off. Everything is heavily inked. It looks like it was all done on a computer but without those annoying pixeled edges. It's all quite surreal looking but I think that's the point. 

   That being said, I want more of Imaginary Friends! Jason M. Burns crafts a world that while comprised of characters that every child from ages 1-92 knows by heart, it's all completely new territory here. I just hate that the book kinda ends very abruptly and that one of the main characters to the story (unrevealed as to not give up spoilers) is straight out forgotten and I really wanted to know how they turned out after the conclusion of these exciting events. 

   Imaginary Friends is perfect for fans of Harry Potter, Rise of the Guardians, and fantasy in general. If I had the money, I'd buy the rights to turn this into a movie or a TV miniseries event. Or even better, start a Kickstarter campaign to get a sequel published. It was that enjoyable a ride!

   Worth Consuming

   Rating: 9 out of 10 stars.


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