Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The New Teen Titans: Terra Incognito

     The Teen Titans have just accepted their first new member since this incarnation's formation. Her name is Terra and with the ability to manipulate earth and soil, she's like a muddier version of Magneto. Claiming to have been a member of the Markovian Royal Family and recently escaped her kidnappers, elements of her story don't add up. Can Terra be trusted or is she a wolf in sheep's clothing?
       Meanwhile Dick Grayson is struggling to maintain balance as the Titans' leader, Robin, as well as being Batman's sidekick, and as a college student. Trying to become his own man, Dick's relationship with fellow teammate Starfire is in serious jeopardy as well. Adding to his problems is an Assistant District attorney named Adrian Chase, who's quest for justice against a mob boss who keeps skirting jail time, may send the Boy Wonder down a rabbit hole of bent rules and lawless vigilantism to which there is no return.
       The New Teen Titans by the legendary team of Marv Wolfman and George Perez were DC's answer to the revitalized X-Men. Those merry mutants from Marvel were a great read, but unless you had a chart to assist you, it was really hard trying to keep up with the endless characters and soap opera style story-lines that writer Chris Claremont weaved throughout a number of titles. Titans seems to have that same soapy feel as X-Men, and there are quite a bit of players all over the place- but it's of a lesser (and easier to follow) extent.
      Recently, I've been trying to clear my bookcases of things that I amassed but wasn't 100% sure if after I did, that I'd want to keep it. This volume was from my best friend's collection I inherited a couple of years ago. He was a huge Teen Titans fan and I had held on to it because of that. 
    So, what's the verdict?
    I'm hooked. I want the other volumes! This was a tremendously fun read and I want to know what happened before this storyline and I definitely have to know what happened afterwards. 
    Plus, if you collect the short-lived 80s series Vigilante like I do, then you will want this volume as it details the character's origin are covered in great detail. 
     There might even be some backstory to the Crisis on Infinite Earths lurking around a few corners in this awesome collection.
     A true classic made by some of the masters of the comic book industry.

    Worth Consuming

     Rating: 10 out of 10 stars.

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