Monday, February 22, 2016

Indestructible Hulk, Volume 4: Humanity Bomb (Marvel NOW!)

    With the destruction of Attilan, the Inhumans' reserves of terrigen mist have been unleashed upon an unsuspecting populace. Anyone with even the slightest bit of Inhuman DNA is in danger of transforming into an unimaginable assortment of beasts, mutated humans, or even a super-powered hero like the Kamala Kahn Ms. Marvel. Leading the charge for a cure is Bruce Banner and his think tank of scientists at SHIELD. However, when it's revealed that Banner's cure is in the form of yet another bomb, the Avengers have visions of gamma disaster that created the Hulk. In other words, Iron Man, Beast, and Ant-Man typically act before they speak and massive carnage ensues.

   Unfortunately for one of Banner's team, the cure unlocks their latent Inhuman potential and is transformed into a ferocious monster that feeds on anger. How will the Hulk be able to stop the newest member of the Inhuman family when this new foe keeps siphoning away any trace of rage and continuously reverts the Hulk back into a human? For once, Bruce Banner will have to save the day!

   This volume marks the end of the Stan Lee/ Jack Kirby Hulk. Up next are the reality changing events of Secret Wars that reboots the original Marvel Universe in DC Comics Crisis fashion for the first time ever. Unfortunately, the ending left me really confused as the volume ends with a cliffhanger and the promise to be continued in Hulk #1!

   What Hulk #1 is it? Is it Totally Awesome Hulk which star wunderkind Amadeus Cho taking on the role of the Green Goliath? Or is the answers to the end of this series found in one of the many one-shots and miniseries that accompany the Secret Wars storyline? For the sake of spoilers, I've not been able to find out what happens next. (But, folks, if you know- please feel free to spill the beans. Because I have to know what happens next!)

   Another Marvel NOW! triumph by Mark Waid with a cool Bruce Banner/ Tony Stark team-up by Jeff Parker.

   Worth Consuming

   Rating: 8 out of 10 stars.

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