Friday, June 16, 2017

Judge Dredd Funko Universe One-Shot (Family Comic Friday)

Judge Dredd- [juhj dred] noun. A futuristic peacekeeper assigned to the over-crowded metropolis of Mega-City One. To the criminal element, he acts as their judge, jury, and executioner. He is the Law!
Funko– [fuhn-koh] noun. A modern-day company devoted to all things pop culture. They produce and distribute an assortment of big-eyed, adorable looking versions of society’s favorite characters. Primarily known for their vinyl bobble-head collectibles.
IDW– [ahy dee dubh-uh l-yoo] noun. A comic book publisher. This company is known for producing comics of numerous beloved licenses.
Judge Dredd comics are known for being dark and gritty. The items Funko produces are cutesy. Can these two properties combine to make a credible work that not only appeals to established Dredd fans as well as be read by anyone? Add IDW to the mix, then the answer is yes!
Have you not been able to read AD2000 with your kids because they weren’t old enough yet? IDW’s Judge Dredd Funko Universe is a one-shot that die-hard fans can share with the younger generation. Hence, this book is the answer to your geek parenting problems. Plus, the book has a tone much similar to the Itty Bitty Dark Horse books by Franco. There are subtle little Easter eggs throughout the book that moms and dads will have a fangasm over.
Written by John Layman (Chew), this comic captures the appeal of Judge Dredd perfectly. The first story, ‘Crim Story’, introduces Dredd’s world to a new generation without dumbing down the property. Dredd’s persona, a gritty cop with a soft side is explored in the middle yarn, ‘All Pupped Up.’ By the issue’s final story, ‘Matters of Life & Death,’ readers are introduced to Dredd’s archenemies, the Dark Judges.
In terms of Judge Dredd’s enemies, they don’t transfer over in the Funko style very well. Artists Francesco Gaston and Troy Little do try their best. It’s just that Judge Death looks better when he looks like an anorexic member of the metal band Gwar ! The Funko versions of the Dark Judges are too gosh darn cute! Furthermore, this art-style isn’t all wrong for the AD2000 flagship. Judge Dredd, along with fellow officer Judge Anderson, actually looks pretty cool as a Funko.
This comic is perhaps the most bizarre title to receive the new makeover. However, Judge Dredd isn’t the only title that will be getting the Funko Universe treatment.  (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, and X-Files are just a few titles to be transformed by IDW into Funko one-shots this month.) Furthermore this comic might be a little too PG for all fans of the lawman of tomorrow. But this book is far more superior than that live-action stinker from the 90s starring Sylvester Stallone and Rob Schneider!
Worth Consuming!
Rating: 9 out of 10 stars.
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