Monday, May 29, 2017

1977: A Madman Turns 40: 2017- Day 149

   It's Memorial Day today. Now like some holidays such as Labor Day and Thanksgiving, Memorial Day doesn't take place on the same day. But I thought I could still take a look at Memorial Day in my birth year.
Wilmington National Cemetery,
Wilmington, NC.

An unknown relative places flowers at a Veteran's Grave,
Sawtelle Veteran's Cemetery.

A joint forces Memorial ceremony,
Ramstein Air Force Base, Gemany.
     Of course, there was more than just parades and tributes on this day. For many, there were BBQs and celebrations galore.

Celebrities such as Steve Martin and Karen Carpenter
engaged in a charity softball game, Las Vegas, Nevada.
      Here's a scene from a random cookout in rural America.

    Okay- well, that's my look at Memorial Day, 1977. Hope everyone has a great day. 

     Until next time...

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