Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Crypt #1 (1987)

Aaaargh! Associated Artists. Written by  Gregory Krolczyk. Art by Damon Willis

This Indy comic one shot from 1987 was both a delight and a bore. A group of teens are whisked away from the real world into a land of elves, trolls and magic. They must retrieve a mystical torch. Doing so will determine who rules supreme over the enchanted realms for the next decade.

Cashing in on the D&D craze during it's height in the mid 80s, the plot was good but not great. The dialogue was filled with 80s cliches. Plus, there's a romantic element between a couple that's hinted at but never resolved by the end of the book.

I felt the same about the artwork. The fight scenes were epic. There's some fantastic beasts and monsters doing some major +3 damage. All of the magical creatures looked amazing. Yet artist Damon Willis really needed some practice in drawing human bodies to appropriate scale.

The Crypt end with a cool twist ending that deserved a second chapter. But overall, this book is still not great enough for me to hang on with.

Rating: 6 out of 10 stars.

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