Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hawkeye, Volume 5: All-New Hawkeye

Jeff Lemire’s run on Hawkeye begins with this volume that explores Clint Barton's origin. As the Hawkeyes execute a mission for SHIELD, the situation which involves a trio of children exploited by Hydra experiments into becoming a weapon, things hit too close to home. As a result, Clint keeps flashing back to his early days in the circus and what led him to first become a villain.

Lemere's story was epic, set in both the past, present, and maybe even the future. But what really sets this All-New Hawkeye apart from Fraction and Aja’s glorious series is the unique art by Ramon Perez. His art that takes place during the present is gritty and chaotic much like the world today. But when the story goes back in time, the artwork changes to an almost watercolored effect, symbolizing Clint's romanticizing of his childhood  which was anything but bittersweet at best.

  I had my reservations about the new team in charge of the Clint and Katie Hawkeye's and their odd relationship. But this volume has put me at ease! Long live the adventures of the all-new Hawkeye team of Lemire and Perez.

  Worth Consuming.

  Rating: 10 out of 10 stars.

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