Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Superman Adventures: The Man of Steel

Superman Adventures: The Man of Steel (2013) #TP   This digest-sized collection is a time capsule of the amazing Superman Adventures comic based on the cartoon of the same name. Superman Adventures was an indirect spin-off of the Batman Adventures and it lovingly explored that corner of the DC Universe devoted to the Man of Steel. First up are a series of short stories from the little-known Superman/ Batman Magazine. 

   The publication only lasted about 8 issues but the Superman stories contained in the magazine were early sketches of what would be the Superman Adventures cartoon. The artwork was done in the vein of Batman: TAS but it shows that preliminary designs were still underway and reflected the long-haired look that Superman bore after his return from the dead.

   Then 4 stories are reprinted from the Superman Adventures comic. In these tales, Superman is given a blast from the past when Mr. Mxyzptlk brings his beloved childhood pet, Krypto into the present day. Then Clark Kent must juggle his responsibilities as a reporter and the Man of Steel when Perry White gives him a deadline that might cost him his job should he fail to submit his article on the new subway line on time. Then Jimmy Olsen takes the new intern for the Daily Planet under his wing in hopes of showing him the ropes of being a photographer in busy Metropolis. Lastly, are a series of one-page tales that explore the day-to-day activities of the Superman Family. Called '22 Short Stories About Superman' this story was very similar to my all-time favorite Simpsons episode (22 Short Stories About Springfield) and I just loved it.

   Finishing up this awesome little collection is a Justice League Unlimited in which the League must travel to the Phantom Zone to conduct a rescue mission for the Man of Tomorrow from the clutches of General Zod and his Kryptonian army. But is a more sinister presence behind the hostage taking of the Last Son of Krypton?

   Featuring art and stories by a host of amazing talents that are well-known for their work on Superman such as Louise Simonson, Dan Abnett, and others. This book is now a permanent part of my collection but I don't think I will wipe out the books contained in this volume from my wish list. What if something was reprinted? I would hate to miss out on anything!

   Worth every full-price penny I paid for it!

   Rating: 10 out of 10 stars.

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