Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Adventures of Supergirl #2

Adventures Of Supergirl #2
   In this issue, Kara Danvers' co-worker and BFF Winn is arrested at Catco for doxxing; the illicit release of personal data. Once arrested, more incriminating charges are leveled against Winn, including a terrorist bombing in Virginia. Smelling a rat, Supergirl takes matters into her own hands and springs her friend from police custody. 

   Now fugitives, Supergirl and Winn seek the help of a fellow hacker to find out who's framing Winn. Their search uncovers yet another rogue alien named Vril Dox, whose also a living computer. It's Dox's intent of bringing the earth to its knees by taking over the internet. It looks like and open-and-shut case with Supergirl pulling the plug on the alien once the Winn's hacker friend can trace the source of Dox's feed. But with Jimmy Olsen held cyber-hostage by Dox, Supergirl's mission has now become a matter of life and death!

    Issue #2 was just as good as the premier issue of this series and it's been a great filler for this Supergirl fan whose been in major withdrawal of the great freshman series. There're lots of really cool easter eggs dropped throughout this issue, such as Winn's internet call sign is 'Supergirl_in_Action252', a play on the first ever appearance of the Girl of Steel in Action Comics #252. But I've seen from social media that a few fans aren't so happy about the choice of the baddie in this issue.

   Vril Dox is also known as Brainiac. But depending on what reboot of the DC Universe, Vril has either been a hero or as more recently, a villain. Fans of the show were hoping Brainiac was going to appear next season on Supergirl. But with his appearance in this issue, they feel disappointed that it's not going to come to pass. Honestly, I thought the villains Lex Luthor and Brainiac were considered off-limits to the TV shows because of the upcoming Justice League films. So I haven't been expecting Brainy to show up ever on a future episode...

    Two issues and twice I've been very pleased. So much, that I am ready to include it to my wish list. Not only that, but I am also ready to commit to buying it NEW off the shelf monthly! That's saying something because I almost always never pay full price for anything!

   Worth Consuming with another great Cat Staggs cover!

   Rating: 10 out of 10 stars.

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