Thursday, May 12, 2016

Boadicca: Queen of the Britons by Sara T. (Family Comic Friday)

   During last Saturday's Free Comic Book Day events, I met a trio of young aspiring comic book artists at Chapel Hill Comics. These three artists were from a local girl scout troop and they had decided to create some mini comics and sell them to achieve various awards and raise some funds for their troop. I thought this was a genius idea and I purchased a copy of both of their books. Today, I review the first of the pair:  Boadicca: Queen of the Britons by Sara T. (The second book will be getting reviewed in next week's Family Comic Friday)

   Sara T., I am told, was the first in her girl scout troop to have the idea to create a comic for her Silver Award. Her group leader got in touch with the great guys at Chapel Hill Comics and they paired Sara T. up with Invader Zim's Warren Wucinich, who acted as a mentor. Together, Sara T. and Warren came up with the idea for this book!

   Boadicca: Queen of the Britons is the true account of Boadicca's last fight against the Roman Invaders of Britain. Set around 60AD, Boadicca (also referred to as Boudica or Boudicca) becomes the leader of her tribe after the death of her husband. With her two daughters and her people, Boadicca mounts guerilla attacks at the Roman Army to the point that Emperor Nero almost decided to withdrawal from Britain altogether. Imagine how different world history would have been had this happened.

    Sara T. did a great job on her first work. The cover featuring Boadicca is a warrior pose with her fiery red hair and green plaid garb is one of the best covers I've seen this year! The flow of the story was a little uneven at times but hey, how many of us have published their own comic book before the age of 16?!  Plus, the author included a factoid sheet about the heroine at the end of the comic that helped me to better understand Boadicca and her struggles as a warrior queen.

    From what I was told last week, Chapel Hill Comics was going to carry a few copies of the books the girl scouts artists created in their store. CHC is legendary for being an outlet to help aspiring comics creators get their works not just published but seen and they kept the tradition alive with this project. To see about order a copy check out their website or email them at Oh, and check out this book's listing on here!

    As for Sara T., I see great things in her future. I was very impressed with her determination, level of detail, and hard work getting this book out. I hope you parents of aspiring cartoonists will pick up a copy of this book (and my selection for next week) as inspiration for helping the next generation of creators get practicing! The future of comic books is going to be in independent publishing, I think, what with the big two of DC/MARVEL going to be focusing their efforts of strictly superhero stuff for a while. Take inspiration from these young ladies and grab a copy of Boadicca ASAP!

   Worth Consuming

   Rating: 10 out of 10 stars.

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