Monday, May 23, 2016

The Tick: Big Year 2000 Spectacle

Tick's Big Year 2000 Spectacle (2000) #1

  When I'm feeling bummed out and super stressed, I need a laugh. The best way to get them is to read that Ben Edlund classic creation known as the Tick! Last night, with my arm surgery just a couple days away, that's exactly what I did and I ended up reading several!

    The first Tick I read was Tick: Big Year 2000 Spectacle. In this one-shot special, villain Chairface Chippendale is trying to make his mark in the art world. But his every move is blemished by the accidental heroics of the Tick and his faithful sidekick, Arthur. Tired of being bested by the big man at every turn, Chairface uses a de-evolving ray gun to regress the Tick into a less formidable foe. Only, the Tick's body is so super-strong, the rays bounce off of the hero and create a serious of duplicates, each a little bit less bright than the previous copy. 

    This book marked the first in a series of one-shots published by New England Comics Press that would drop throughout the year 2000; thus why 2000 was considered a 'Big Year.' Each story had a continuing plot but would be framed in such a way that you could read them out of order and not really get lost. I've got several from this line and I decided to read at least 3 of them in a row.

   Chock full of zany fun, this was a great read. Once again, I found myself laughing so hard that it piqued my wife's interest as to what was just so gosh darn funny. You've got to read this and when you do. believe me, you'll never look at a jar of urine the same way ever again.

   Worth Consuming

   Rating: 10 out of 10 stars.

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