Thursday, May 19, 2016

Strange Sports Stories #2 (of 3)

Issue #2 comes with a pair of trading cards
attached to the cover!

    Welcome back to the Museum of Sports History, Trivia, and Oddity with your host Hall O.Fame! First, thrill to the most bizarre team to ever take to the court as a high school basketball prodigy must win the most important win of his life when he is paired with the likes of Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr, and John Wayne, and Honest Abe against the galaxy's best! Then a young man with Olympic aspirations becomes the greatest athlete ever when he finds a magic medal. Lastly, with two outs and the championship on the line, a fledgling baseball team resorts to slapstick as their last hope for victory!

    The second of three issues of Adventure Comics' Strange Sports Stories was, well, strange. The opening story seemed to me like something I had read before in the pages of the Tick. In the first couple of issues of The Tick: Karma Tornado, the Tick has been whisked away to an intergalactic Goodwill Games in which he is the captain of a team of athletes comprised of Cleopatra, Booker T. Washington, and a T-Rex! That Karma Tornado story was published almost a year after this issue and I would hate for that awesome tale to have been a rip-off of the Strange Sports Stories opener here...

    The other two adventures in this comic were okay. They weren't quite as good as the opening yarn, nor were they of the caliber of the stories that comprised issue #1. But I still enjoyed reading them!

   Along with a couple of pages filled with strange but true stories from the wide world of earth sports, I enjoyed this book, though maybe not as much as the previous issue.

   Worth Consuming

   Rating: 8 out of 10 stars.

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