Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Mighty ISIS #1

Isis #1
  Today's review is of one of the most controversial comics being debated today- the Mighty ISIS #1! When this book first hit store shelves back in 1976, it was meet with very little fanfare. Which for DC was terrible because they invested millions in a live action Shazam/ ISIS kids show. Though the show was a ratings failure, it became a cult classic. So much that by 1980, reruns were still being aired years after both heroes fought their last battles. And I looked forward to their antics every Saturday morning!

   So jump forward to today in which on social media sites I see the cover to this issue being hotly debated. It shows up at least once a week! The question often asked about it is ‘I saw this for a sweet deal, but  am I wrong to buy it?’ Or ‘ should this comic be banned, burned or destroyed?’

   By the way, if you think this book sharing the same moniker as a certain militant Islamic terrorist group is the reason for this consternation, then you would be right? Case in point, about a month ago when I found this book, I happily showed it to my wife and mother-in-law. While my bride understood my delight in finding ISIS #1, my in-law asked: “ Why would anyone want that?”

  See my mother-in-law thought like a lot of folks do on Facebook and thought that this was a comic that glorified the Islamic state. (or that by owning it would me that they were pro-ISIS.) After a couple of seconds of thought, I think I gave the perfect response that I encourage anyone who is a fan of the Egyptian goddess superhero. “I've been a fan of Isis for almost 40- years,’ I exclaimed,’ I haven't given up on her yet and if I give up on her now, the terrorists win. I'm buying it!’ And I did just that. A couple of nights later, I popped the tape on my mylar bag and gave ISIS #1 a read. 

This series involved a meek science teacher who does what all science teachers do on summer break, went on an archeological dig in Egypt (I guess all the history teachers go to work at a wildlife preserve in the DC Universe.) Anyways, the teacher finds an amulet which bestows her with the powers of the Egyptian goddess, the Mighty ISIS!

   ISIS conducts all sorts of mythical spells that involves clever rhymes. Assisting her is a magical black named Tut, that she shares a mental link with. And she's a fairly decent fighter.

   In this first issue, ISIS must battle an ancient Egyptian priest was was freed from his slumber in a miniature pyramid that has been moved to a museum in the US. He too speaks in rhymes and by the time the dust settles, I will have felt like I just attended a poetry slam.

   I enjoyed this little time capsule from my childhood. It still holds up pretty well for a 40-year old comic based on a kid's TV show. It just amazing how time has changed it from beloved cult hit to being viewed as propaganda for the evilest force facing the free world today. But I assure you, the hype is all guilt by association.

  Worth Consuming

  Rating : 8 out of 10 stars.

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