Sunday, April 3, 2016

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice- Trailer Park Disaster

  I've already posted a review for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. I feel like I was pretty fair with the film. But now I want to rip into Warner Bros. for a minute. Batman V Superman was rated PG-13. I have no qualms with that nor can I argue about parents taking their kids to see this film, even if they are too young for it. I saw several kids under the age of 13 at the showing I went to today and if I had kids, I would probably be guilty of doing the same.

   But come on DC and Warner- use a little bit of common sense when it comes to the trailers add to the showing!

   The first movie trailer was for the newest Amityville Horror picture. Let me tell you folks; it scared the crap not just outta most of the kids in the theatre- it scared the hell outta me!  In the trailer you've got an SAWK (Scary Ass White Kid) roaming the halls of the haunted house, insects flying out of a girl's eyeballs, blood dripping walls, things jumping out of windows, walls, and mirrors, and normal looking people getting demon possessed and looking all scary.

   Now when it comes to the content of the Batman/Superman film, if there was something too violent or startling and you didn't like it, I really can't defend a person's choice to see this film with children under the recommended age of 13. If you think a live-action superhero movie is going to have the heroes fighting bad guys over an innocent round of Twister, you don't understand superheroes. But, that's not what I had trouble with- it was the choice of commercials before the first meeting of Batman and Superman!

  Know your frickin' audience, Warner Bros! If you are advertising toys, clothes, posters, and other goods towards kids, WB/DC, you've got to expect kids are going to see the thing. Do you really think parents are going to take them to see a slasher flick?  So let's use a little bit of better common sense in picking something a little less heart-stopping than the Amityville Horror when the Wonder Woman movie comes out next year, please!

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