Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Uncanny Origins #2

 Uncanny Origins (1996-1997) #2

The second entry in this series focuses on the mutant speedster Quicksilver. From the revelations of his true parentage to life with the gypsy family that adopted him and his sister to life on the run with an eventual team up with the evil mutant Magneto, this comic is as much Quicksilver's story as it is his twin sister’s- the Scarlet Witch. Why Marvel didn't make the siblings the costars of this issue is beyond me, unless the powers that be, in 1996, didn't think they could sell an origins story about two people. Or even more, archaic, with a woman costar!

  This issue was very informative. I knew quite a bit about Quicksilver from reading the Marvel Saga and early issues of X-Men. But there were a few nagging mysteries about the mutant that I had wondered about for quite awhile. Some of the eternal questions that were finally answered here were things such as ‘why did the Golden Age hero, the Whizzer think for a while that he was Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch’s father?’ And ‘ what led to Quicksilver first becoming a baddie?’

   While most of the fastest man alive in the Marvel Universe’s early history is explored, his time with the Avengers and later the Inhumans is grossly ignored. Plus, his redemption from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants is little more than a blurb at issue's end. I guess they ran out of book…

 A great second act that is at times a little uneven in giving a complete origin story of this issue's subject.

  Worth Consuming

Rating: 8 out of 10 stars.

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