Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Uncanny Origins #10

Uncanny Origins (1996-1997) #10
    Issue #10 gets catty with the origin of the Spider-Man anti-hero the Black Cat. After reading this issue, I've learned that her backstory is something that I had no idea of! Guess this is what happens when pretty much all you've read about Ms. Alicia Hardy is in the pages of Ultimate Spider-Man.

   This was an exciting story but it reads a little too much like the pages of Batman with Black Cat playing the role of Catwoman. Let's look at this a bit. Alicia Hardy learns that her father is a famous burglar. Wanting to follow in his footsteps, Hardy takes on the persona of Black Cat as she aims to become the world's greatest cat burglar. When she learns that her father is dying in prison, Alicia takes it upon herself to hook up with some of the Big Apple's worst in order to bust him out and allow him to die at home. 

   But in her way is Your Neighborhood's Friendly Spider-Man. He seeks to bring her down. She hopes to bag her a superhero. With romance in the wings, Spider-Man must choose whether to defeat her or assist her. 

   See, I told you this was basically Batman...

   Regardless, this was a good read. I enjoyed it but I really couldn't get over the similarities between Black Cat and Catwoman. But I would be willing to read more of the strange dynamic between Black Cat and Spidey. 

   Worth Consuming.

   Rating: 9 out of 10 stars.


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