Friday, April 8, 2016

Uncanny Origins #3 (Family Comic Friday)

 Uncanny Origins (1996-1997) #3

  The third issue of this 1996-97 series features yet another mutant! Big surprise there... 

   The star this time around is one Warren Worthington III- AKA the Angel. Though at the time of this issue's publication, Warren's going around as Archangel, a sort of Angel 2.0, after he is upgraded by the villain Apocalypse. 

   There was lots of new and exciting stuff included in this origin story, including Warren's time as the Avenging Angel prior to becoming an X-Man, along with his first encounter with the group. Of the three issues I have read so far, this is the only one that features to some degree a character's early and later life history. 

   I'm sure that has a lot to do with Angel becoming Archangel as I mentioned prior. However, there was one problem I had with this story. It's explained how Warren's feathery wings were destroyed by fire. Despondent, the mutant hero goes to Apocalypse in an attempt to regain the ability to fly. The evil scientist bonds new metallic wings to Warren's body and the former X-Men became, albeit briefly, an enforcer for Apocalypse. 

   Yet, by the end of this issue, Archangel is again a good guy but while still genetically enhanced, he no longer has the metal wings. They are once more wings made of feathers. But it's never mentioned how Archangel underwent this change! If you are going to present us with a characters history and you make important changes such as the ability to regrow limbs- or wings- you've got to explain it; even if it's just a tiny thought balloon or caption. That's Good Writing 101!

   This series still amazes me with its Batman: The Animated Series style artwork. But there are still some kinks to be worked out in crafting an in-depth origin story that explains all of the vital facts needed to present a concise but accurate origin story. A true bargain bin hidden gem that is perfect for comics fans of all ages!

   Worth Consuming

   Rating: 8 out of 10 stars.

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