Saturday, April 30, 2016

Uncanny Origins #12

Uncanny Origins (1996-1997) #12
I had said that I had decided to read this series to get pumped up for the welcoming Captain America: Civil War. Little did I know that I would be getting a primer for this November's Doctor Strange feature starring Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock.)

   With many of the silver age characters, I am pretty versed in their origins. (Thanks in very, very large part to the epic MARVEL SAGA series published from 1985-87.) The same goes for the Sorcerer Supreme. But there were some things that I didn't know, like the strained relationship between Stephen and his money hungry father and how it impacts the medical career of Doctor Strange. ( I had always wondered what made him so cold hearted towards his patients.)

  Another thing I had always questioned doesn't involve Stephen but his master, the Ancient One. I couldn't figure out why he would allow Baron Mordo to continue learning in the Ancient One’s Himalayan refuge if the teacher knew that his pupil was so evil. The strategy behind that decision is finally explored here and I was quite pleased with the answer.

   I really liked this issue. I had been on the fence about going to see Doctor Strange in theaters as he's not been my favorite character. I'm not very big on characters that deal with the occult. Monsters and Ghosts are one thing but witchcraft stories have to be more light-hearted like Shadowpact or Harry Potter. But I'll be there in theaters this fall thanks in very large part to the amazing story contained within this issue. The only thing missing is the awesome animated series style art of Dave Hoover that started off this series.

Worth Consuming

Rating: 10 out of 10 stars.

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