Monday, March 6, 2017

1977: A Madman Turns 40: 2017- Day 65

    For Today's A Madman Turns 40, I thought I would share with you a valuable but unexpected resource that's been helping me with my journey through 1977. 

    I play this game on my phone and Facebook called Song Pop 2. The idea with the game is that you are given a clip from a song and 4 choices. It might be the name of the artist or the name of the song. Your score is derived from how fast you answer. If you answer in exactly 1 second correctly, you get 3277 points. Answer quicker, get more points. Take more time and you get lesser points.

   You get 5 songs and then your round is put up against a competitor. Person with the most points wins. After the game, you then get to pick a new category.

   I've been playing a category called Top Hits 1977. It's been very helpful seeking out songs and music from my birth year. There's been some that I knew were from my favorite year- like Queen's 'We Are the Champions. There's also been some surprises like ABBA's Dancing Queen. I love that song. Didn't know it was from '77.

A sample of the dozens of songs from the Top Hits 1977 category.

    Anyways, Song Pop is an awesome game that's been helping me get geared up towards turning 40. Check it out. (By the way, almost every year from 1950 to the present is represented with a category of their own, so feel free to explore your birth year!)

   Until tomorrow...


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