Wednesday, March 8, 2017

1977: A Madman Turns 40: 2017- Day 67

    Today marks the 40th anniversary of the band Foreigner's debut album. The self-titled LP featured a number of hits including Cold As Ice, Long, Long Way From Home, and their biggest smash Feels Like The First Time. 
The band in a 1977 promotion photo.
     The album went platinum five times in the States, selling over 5 million copies. Interesting enough, I always thought Foreigner was an American band. But they are actually from England! So they are Foreigner- well at least to everyone but those in the UK.

The back of the album.
Taken from a Japanese CD, circa 1994.

     Folks, I'm not really a ban of the band. I do like the song Cold As Ice. But if anyone is a fan of this group, it's my wife. She really likes that corporate rock jazz. I refer to it as Bart Simpson does in a very early episode of the Simpsons- Wuss Rock!

    Well, before I go and alienate all of my loyal readers who are devoted to the band Foreigner, let me leave you guys with a song or two from the album.

    Until Tomorrow...

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