Friday, March 24, 2017

Tom Strong's Terrific Tales Book Two

 Alan Moore and friends bring to a close Tom Strong's Terrific Tales. 

   In the Old Tom stories, relive the golden age of cartoons when Tom and his daughter Tesla are challenged to a ghoulish drag race. Then a man dreams what it would be like to be Tom Strong and imagine what the Strong family would be like if they were the Osborne's. Lastly, take a tour of Tom's Millennium City with beautiful illustrations by Michael Kaluta.

    Then Young Tom Strong comes of age on the mystical island of Attabar Teru discovering his origins, being reunited with an old friend, and learning about the opposite sex. Things come full circle by the end of this story line and in a way I'm glad I read this series before Tom Strong as this is full of great backstory and origins. 

    The biggest disappointment are the Jonni Future stories. It's not that these sci-fi adventures  aren't of superior quality. They very much are. But these are literally the last stories of a dynamically titillating series unless co-creators Steve Moore and Arthur Adams craft so further episodes. It's been over a dozen years since the last Jonni Future adventure saw print, so her future isn't so bright. 

     A bittersweet end to a great series...

    Worth Consuming

     Rating: 9 out of 10 stars.

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