Tuesday, March 14, 2017

1977: A Madman Turns 40: 2017- Day 73


 So far as I have been examining my birth year in my year-long series A Madman Turns 40, I have been reflecting on things that influenced me or piqued my interest doing research, or covered benchmarks in history that occurred in 1977. Well today, I have to focus on 2017. 

Over 5 days of continuous cold winds off of
Lake Ontario has completely covered at least 1 New York home in ice.

      See the Northeast is about to get slammed with a massive Nor'easter. The late winter storm has already plunged most of the East into bitter cold temps. Now, a front is heading right up the Atlantic coast posed to dump at least 2 feet of snow. It's expected that another weather system is just a couple of days behind this storm and will add even more frozen precipitation to areas of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, and the Boston area.  

The blizzard of '17 looks to be something not to mess with.

     If this at all sounds familiar, well it does. In January and February of '77, the exact same area was crippled by a massive cold front that dumped feet of snow continually over a 2 week period. This storm isn't supposed to be that bad but it's proof of the old adage 'The more things change, the more they stay the same.'

     Until tomorrow... 

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